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Sold East — Traders, Tramps and Tugs of Chinese Waters

Sold East — Traders, Tramps and Tugs of Chinese Waters



Australian subscribers: $70.00 incl. shipping or $75.00 for non-subscribers.
New Zealand subscribers: $80.00 incl. shipping or $85.00 for non-subscribers.
International subscribers: $90.00 or $95.00 for non-subscribers.


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  • Synopsis

    The sequel to Beancaker to Boxboat. Many cargo liners and tramps from Britain and Europe and most coasters from Australia and New Zealand were eventually 'sold east' to begin a second career for owners based in Shanghai (until 1949) or Hong Kong. Typically they joined the fleets of trampship owners such as Mollers, Wallems, Williamsons, Manners, or Wheelock Marden, firms less prominent than the liner operators such as Jardines or Swires but playing no less essential a role in the shipping of the Far East. Yet their colourful history is little known and already fading from memory. Here their principals stand out as men larger than life, supreme opportunists in a long unstable part of the world. Includes shipping lists and funnels and house flags.

  • Publication details

    H.W. Dick and S.A. Kentwell


    Published 1991. Hardcover with dust jacket. Illustrated with black and white photographs.

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