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The Log

Produced by The World Ship Society since 1954 and the NAA since 1968, The Log is a indexed journal of record, written by seafarers, maritime enthusiasts  and historians, and includes well illustrated historical research and personal accounts of ships and shipping, as well as a contemporary record of ships and ship movements with a focus on Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The Log is published quarterly in March, June, September and December and delivered to subscribers as hard copy and as PDF.

Vol 53 No.1
Vol 53 No.3
Vol 53 No.4
Vol 54 No.1


The Annual Subscription will be as follows
with a PDF option also available:

PDF only AU$35.00  for any Subscriber regardless of location (by Credit Card using PayPal on this website only) NZ subscribers may pay $NZD 40.00 in the NZ Westpac Account 03-0903-0210842 

PDF: see above (highlighted in bold)
Hard Copy: AU$50.00
Hard Copy and PDF: AU $70.00 
Payment may be made via PayPal on this website, or by Funds Transfer (EFT) within Australia to BSB 633 000, account number 148  031 065 Name: Nautical Association of Australia 

PDF: see above (highlighted in bold)
Hard Copy: AU$55.00 paid by Credit Card using  PayPal on this website, or NZ $60.00 by Funds Transfer (EFT) only within New Zealand to the Westpac Account 03-0903-0210842.
Hard Copy and PDF: AU $75.00 by Credit Card using PayPal on this website or NZ $80.00 to the Westpac Account.

PDF: see above (highlighted in bold)
Hard Copy: AU $85.00
Hard Copy and PDF: AU $105.00
All payments by credit card using PayPal on this website.

PDF: see above (highlighted in bold)
Hard Copy: AU$60.00 
Hard Copy and PDF: AU$80.00 
All payments by credit card using PayPal on this website.

DONATIONS are always welcome. We are a small not for profit Association facing increased printing and postage costs against a declining subscribership as many of our loyal subscribers age.


back issues

Back issues are available from most issues of the log - check our list for those currently available and prices. Some are available as hard copy and some as PDFs

the log annual indexes

Index for Volume 52, issues 215 to 218 (new series).

Index for Volume 51, issues 211 to 214 (new series).

Index for Volume 50, issues 207 to 210 (new series).

Index for Volume 49, issues 203 to 206 (new series).

Cumulative indexes

In September 2015 the Nautical Association announced four new LOG indexes which together greatly enhance the value of THE LOG as a research tool. The indexes enable ready access to illustrations and the wealth of historic and other maritime information published in 273 issues of THE LOG, over 61 years from 1954 to the end of 2014. Click the links below for indexes:

  • Index of Fleets and Classes 1954-2014
    Merchant ship companies (owners, managers, agents and builders) with history and fleet or yard lists (or part thereof), merchant ship fleets, general categories, and naval vessel classes
    (24 pages, 0.9MB pdf).

All four indexes will be maintained on this website for viewing and free downloading, and will be updated from time to time. The indexes refer to THE LOG issue number and page. Please see tables below to determine the date and year for each issue number. The relevant tables for each index are also included at the back of each index.
Indexes have been prepared for the NAA by Tony Cavanagh. The Articles Index is an updated version of that produced by Buster Browne for the period 1954-2003, issued in 2004 by the NAA in hard copy form. The Association thanks both for their work in preparing these most useful Indexes.
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